Bathing suit… who knew!

I always thought that creating a bathing suit (bikini) outfit would be the easiest… but boy was I wrong!!! It is actually more difficult than evening gowns or casual….

I started off with a very cute grey bikini from Vixen, TP’d over to Boom and got a dark pink sarong, was going to accessorize it with hat, jewelry and beach bag…. but then, I saw in one of the blogs by pure accident, a lovely, sexy, classy bathing suit from Tres Beau (TB)! So, of course, I drop everything I have at that point and TP’d over to TB. But I couldn’t find it!!! I found the outfit version whith has the bathing suit top, but with pair of pants intead of bikini bottom. Hmmmm…… so I checked XStreet, and there it was!!!! I immediately purchased it:) of course:)

The outfit comes with a lovely, classy big black hat that has a big white flower on it and it is worth buying it if not only for the hat:) I accessorized it with Stiletto Moody shoes (afterall, I had purchased the Fatpack and I have to simply use them!)…. but…. something was still missing… it is difficult to accessorize this particular bathing suit because it’s more of a “sitting-by-the-pool-looking-gorgeous” kind of outfit, rather than jumping in to the pool:) I have to put some jewelry on, but not major ones… afterall… who puts 100 carat diamonds on your chest going to the beach:) So, I chose a simple necklace and bracelets from Alienbear:) I added sunglasses from DeLa but I’m not sure if I’ll be wearing it for the contest itself… afterall, they need to see the face in order to evaluate:) Nails from CCD.

Thank you Rena-san and Marry-san for helping me creating this outfit!!! Without your help, I would have been lost!!!


Here’s the outcome:


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