Sex & the City themed outfit #2

For the last few days, I’ve been working on my 2 outfits that I have to be done by tomorrow for the Queen of Beauty contest: Sex & the City themed formal outfit and bathing suit.

Few posts ago, I added a lovely outfit from Donna Flora with a cute clutch from Le Lutka. But, after looking at the pictures, I felt that something was missing… it felt a little too plain…. so I asked for help from none other than our own Miss MVW 2010, Miss Miaa Rebane:) She pointed out my shoes and bag, as I had also felt (especially the shoes), because we know Carrie from Sex and the City looooves crazy high heels:) Since I didn’t know of any good bag store, I asked Miaa and she showed me this cuuuute bag from Meghindo, which is actually from an outfit that is an exact copy of Carrie in Sex & the City. I loved the bag but unfortunately, it did not match my Donna Flora dress…. Ok… that mean, I need a new outfit….. So, Meghindo had a lovely, sexy gold/silver dress so I got this dress instead, where the gold mesh suits the bag much better. I also got the replica of the Sex & the City dress as well and used the chest flower for this gold/silver dress. I also went crazy and got Stiletto Moody shoes, FATPACK! Yes…. it was painful to pay that $L6,000 but… it comes in 13 colors and it brings each shoe down to less than 500 (single color $L2,000) so it really really made sense to get the Fatpack… Recently, I’ve been doing the Fatpack purchases…. hmmm… maybe no more shopping for a while….

I also had a big help from Agata Top Models, Rena Vita and Marry Eel. Without their help, my skirt portion of this dress would had looked horrible!!! I did not know that I would have to adjust it myself!


Anyhow, here is my new Sex & the City outfit:


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