Friday is finally here and we can live our second lives as much as we want!!! Yay!!!!

Today, I would like to introduce to you two wonderful outfits from +Honey+. One is a casual outfit and the second more for going out, party, cocktail dress.

Casual: The outfit has a wonderful silver top with cute black shorts. It has a very unique design with belts and straps. The textures are very realistic and I really love this outfit:) I spiced it up a little rather than going with a “cute” style, with the new release hair from Tsukinowaguma “Ellie” and Bax boots silver. Jewelry, I used R.A. Crystal jewelry “Lerian”. This set comes with bracelets, earrings, necklace, leg jewelry and is a wonderful jewelry for any occasion:)

The second outfit is a “cocktail dress” and it is a gorgeous blue with wonderful motives on it. I kept it simple as it comes with a gorgeous black roses pin and hair accessory. The outfit comes with gloves and it truly makes the outfit very chic. The hair is from Y&W and shoes from Stiletto Moody:)


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