Modavia entry pics

When you go to a photographer, you just can’t wait till you get to see the final pictures:) You know it’s going to be great pictures, but you don’t know what ideas and images the photographer may have used and add to that caption. For Modavia, the theme is Spring in Paris and when I chose my outfit, my idea was a stroll in the park with my little poodle and it is so great when the photographer tells you that he had the same idea as well when he saw my outfit:) That means that the outfit was able to inspire some kind of idea, and in this case, a common one:)

The hair and the hat comes from Lamb. When we start looking for outfits, I don’t know about other models, but personally, I start with choosing an outfit, then the hair and accessories to match it. But this time, I accidentally stopped by Lamb for the 60L Friday and saw this hair and thought, ohh, this would be perfect:) So, my styling began with the hat and the hair:)

The cardigan is from Coco, top from Jacadi Pasha (no longer open), Pants from Glam Affair, and shoes from 24 Shoo Shoo:) The belt is from Mentine and comes in several colors:) Here is the pic:)


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