Happy Friday everyone!

With a very busy RL, I have not been able to log in to SL as often as I used to, and not able to blog either:( By August, I should be able to get back to my frequent blogging again, yay!

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a very cute Japanese store called .:*WAvE*:. This store was introduced to me by one of the lovely ladies from SuperELITE (thank you for the wonderful tip Suede!) and I’m very honored to be able to blog about them. Everything in the store is cute and unique, and not to mention INEXPENSIVE! It’s almost like… maybe she mislabeled them? but no, it simply is that cheap! But don’t be fooled, just because it’s inexpensive, it does not mean it’s not good quality. On the contrary, it is of great quality and it is a treasure find. The store is also fun to just look around so please stop by .:*WAvE*:. when you have a chance.

The first outfit is a separate, a kimono top and low rise black jeans. Kimono top is only $L100 and the jeans $L59. Isn’t it amazing? The details of the textures and the quality of the prims are amazing for these prices! And I haven’t edited or adjusted the top at all, what you see is what you get:) The hair is from Cri-Cri, another talented Japanese designer. The quality of the hair is amazing and the flower comes in various colors. Very elegant and chic:) Earrings from Mandala. (Shoes are from N-Core Designs, non-Japanese designer)

My second outfit from .:*WAvE*:. is a cool motor cycle jacket and sexy shorts. When I saw the texture and back design of this jacket, I immediately thought, I HAVE TO HAVE IT! The design on the back has amazing Asian details, and you can feel the designer put lot of time, energy, and love into this piece. Simply amazing:) And would you believe me if I said this jacket is only $L39!!!!! I mean… nothing can beat this price for this quality!!! The shorts are also amazing, comes in beige or black lace, has a wonderful denim texture, and is only $L59!

This store will be your favorite store, I can promise you this!

Accessories are non-Japanese: hair from Orange Creations ($L1), boots from Diram, sunglasses from Dela.

Happy shopping!!!

Outfits: .:*WAvE*:. (2 levels)

Hair: Cri-Cri

Sunglasses: Dela

Earrings: Mandala

Boots: Diram

Skin: hsh


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