Eishi Otawara Designs

Good morning!

My normal morning routines are, I wake up, turn on the computer, brush my teeth, get a glass of water, and log in to SL to clear out messages… but this morning… “Log In Disabled”… what!!!!! Totally messing with my routine… sitting on my chair and thinking to myself… what now??? I actually have time before work, LOL!

So, I thought, let’s blog since I just had taken pictures!

Yesterday, Miss Virtual World audition for July took place and it was my fifth entry. With several hundreds of ladies from all over the world applying, trying to get in, it was a mere challenge for me, and after the audition, I was already thinking about what to wear for my next month audition:)

You can only imagine my surprise, when I started getting IMs and emails with congratulatory words, hearing that I actually had got in!!! Oh my… it was just an amazing feeling!!! Nothing gets better that this!!! And I’m so happy I could share it with my friends, people I love and trust. Without everyone’s help and support, I would not had been able to get in! Thank you everyone!!!

For the audition, I wore a wonderful, gorgeous gown by Eishi Otawara called Aria Pompadour. She creates amazing outfits with unique designs, and I knew I had to wear it. Hair is from Bliss, new collection, and jewelry from G&K, skin from hsh.

Please stop by the store when you get a chance.

Happy Shopping!

Gown: Eishi Otawara

Jewelry: G&K

Hair: Bliss Couture

Skin: hsh


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