Countdown “Amita” + Vintage Jewels “Katarina”


Today I have the honor to introduce to you 2 wonderful creators I’ve had the joy of getting to know!
The “Amita” gown is from a brand called Countdown and it has quickly become one of my favorite store!
The lines, colors and designs are very soft and brings forth the feminine curves in very delicate and classy way.
The texture is very unique, like a canvas with splashes of pink palette colors.
It is just a must have gown for those of us who loves formals!

To this gown, I styled it with jewelry from a brand called Vintage Jewels.
Vintage Jewels carries very unique, eye catching, beautiful yet bold designs, and I know this designer will become very popular pretty quickly!
This jewelry set is called “Katarina” and as it is named, it is very regal and fit for a queen!
Draped in gold and large diamonds, it demands attention and you are certain to become the shining star in the room!

Please visit both stores when you get a chance!
Vintage Jewels:

Styling Card:
Gown: Countdown
Jewelry: Vintage Jewels
Hair: Bliss Couture


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