New Release Azul – Miss Japan Gown

Miss Virtual World pageant is THE pageant in Second Life:)
Thousands of girls fight for the 30 finalists spot, to then fight for ONE crown!
Every year, at the finals in December, not only are we curious on who will win, but also WHAT will they wear!
The evening gown and national costume is always so much fun to see and we all tend to go broke once the pageant is over:)

Mami Jewell of Azul is always busy during the Miss Virtual World season. She usually receives several requests from the finalists to create that one dream gown for them.

For MVW 2013, Miss Japan, Shinobu Istmal, was one of the lucky ladies to have an evening gown designed by Mami Jewell:)
With this gown, Miss Japan ended in Top 12 and she looked amazing in it!

This gown is light as a feather and the silk flows with your every move.
It is the epitome of a lady and it is definitely one of the most beautiful gowns I’ve seen in SL:)
The gown is very “typical” Mami Jewell, where you can see her flawless taste, skill and knowledge of how to design and create it in Second Life.


The jewelry was made by Rena Vita of ((Crystal line)), one of my favorite jeweler, and she is also a japanese creator:)
You can see on my pictures that I favor her jewelries most of the time.
For MVW 2013, she designed a very intricat piece and it comes with a crown as well, though I am not wearing it here.
((Crystal line)) offers several choices in stones and metal, so you do not have to choose which color you want to buy:)
You buy one, and you have all the choices and you can fit them to any color outfit you may have:)

Azul 4_001

Please stop by the stores to get your own outfit and jewelry.

Limo to the stores<3
((Crystal line)):

Style card:
Gown: Azul
Jewelry: ((Crystal line))
Hair: Vanity Hair


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