2. *Miss Virtual World 2011*


The accomplishment I am most proud of in Second Life is been crowned Miss Virtual World 2011.
I would like to share with you all my final speech, which describes my feelings:)

One year ago, many were surprised to see an unknown model become Miss Virtual World 2011, but no one could have been more surprised than me. I entered this pageant to grow as a model, as a stylist, and as a person. Never did I foresee the possibility of winning the pageant. By becoming Miss Virtual World, I was able to experience a remarkable year, but more importantly, I was able to grow tremendously as a human being.

2011 has been a year filled with challenges, laughter, and tears, but most of all, fulfillment and happiness. With the support of the BOSL and MVW Organizations, Mr. Frolic Mills, and my closest friends, a beautiful charity event named the Japan Relief Fundraiser was enacted and concluded with tremendous success, helping the Japanese people when they needed our help the most.

We were able to help the Teens, welcome them to the adult grid, assist them and support them with their dreams and endeavors.

I was able to support the Japanese creators as much as I could thanks to MVW blogs and, of course, through the title. Being Miss Virtual World allowed me the opportunity to bring attention to these brilliant designers so they could share their amazing talents and gifts with the SL fashion community.

I am eternally grateful to Mr. Frolic Mills for organizing this unique, one-of-a-kind competition. There truly is nothing else like it on the grid. And to the Judges of 2011 I want to again express my gratitude to each of you for giving me a very special and amazing year – a year of self-growth as well as the opportunity to reach out, help others, and change lives along the way.

As a new Miss Virtual World 2012 is about to be crowned, I am standing here, with no regrets, with an extraordinary year behind me, and I am filled with happiness and a great sense of accomplishment.

To whoever is crowned as our next Miss Virtual World, I want to extend to you my congratulations. Enjoy your year, cherish it, make it your own, and make it count, for it goes by so fast! All of the former Miss Virtual Worlds are here if you need us for help and support.

Thank you everyone for an amazing, unforgettable, and precious year that will forever remain in my heart!

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