3. *Resume*


Serene Faith Resume:

SHIKI PR Manager


*Modeling Academy Graduated:
☆ModelPages International
☆SuperELITE (Basic)
☆MVW Modeling Academy
☆ Avenue (Currently Enrolled)

*Represented by:

☆AGATA Modeling Agency


☆JCNY Model’Fest October Week 3
☆JCNY Model’Fest October Week 4
☆ Infinite FOCUS Jewelers Fest (I) – 1/24/10
☆ Infinite FOCUS Jewelers Fest (II) – 1/31/10
☆ Infinite FOCUS Circus Circus Show – 2/13/10
☆ Agata East meets West Show (Spring 2010)
☆ Agata East meets West Wedding Collection 2010

And more…


☆ Miss Virtual World 2011
☆ Miss Morea Style 2011

☆MP Royal Princess Agnes Finney – Top 20 for the month of October 2009
☆Finalist in Calendar Model of the Year 2010
☆Finalist in Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2010
☆Finalist in Queen of Beauty
☆CalendarModel of SL – Miss April 2010
☆MP Royal Princess – Miss April 2010
☆ Miss MP Agnes Finney 2011 Finalist
☆ Miss Bliss Couture 2011 Finalist

☆ Agata Models Agency Blog
☆ Serene Fashion Blog

Languages Spoken:
English, Swedish, Japanese (all fluent)

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